For transformation to really happen, you need the grounded understanding of the body. In my somatic practices we move the center of learning, into the body, tapping into its resources, energy and strength.

I work with individuals (and groups) in different formats dealing with stress, anxiety, traumatic experiences or physical discomfort and pain. I do this in personalized learning processes of therapeutic bodywork and/or breath coaching.

My overall objective is to help people help themselves creating lasting personal and health changes.

I am a certified practitioner and I work according to the methodologies of the Grinberg Method, the Pantarei Approach and YOGABODY® Breathing Coaching.

Breath Coaching

I coach in controlled breathing as a safe and efficient way to relieve stress, anxiety, balance you energy and improve mental focus, digestion and sleep.

I do this in a personalized coaching program, where focus is to empower you with a tool to selfregulation and care.

We work to balance your nervous system, to improve your resilience and your adaptation to a greater range of changes through the control of your breathing.

Feel free to book a free discovery session - a 20 minute introduction and clarification of your situation and what makes you interested in breathwork.


Somatic coaching - therapeutic bodywork is a alternative therapy focusing on the somatic experience of stress, anxiety or other emotional or mental challenges.

It teaches you awareness towards your being and how some of your constructions of thinking, feeling and acting can be related to a specific challenge or effect a specific physical symptom you have.

I work with you, in a customized learning process, to find out how the combination of untamed patterns and protective posture influences your symptoms, and your sense of well being.

We work toward transforming your being and shift the body to support you in living the authentic and healthier potential of yourself.

I am truly inspired by every individual choosing to face a personal challenge and I strongly believe in the self-healing that naturally happens when we include the body and learn to let go of whatever is in the way of change or recovery.

It is a pleasure to work together with people to reconnect them to their personal strength, body and breath, and find ways to enhance the experience of life.