A process of somatic coaching built on the belief that from the moment of conception, every single person is unique with completely idiosyncratic physical, mental and emotional attributes. Very naturally we discover and learn about our personality – our likes and dislikes, natural disposition, qualities and talents but also soon, and especially in social setting, about the differences between our selves and our peers. For many people, the differences, which make them unique, often also become an issue. By trend it is far more common to want to blend in instead of being proud to be different, this desire stemming from a fear of being outcast from the group and rejected. Such issue follows people in adulthood, lots of people downplay their uniqueness and shape their lives and personalities to fit molds drawn out by various external influences. While to some extent this is beneficial, it also discounts our uniqueness and can lead to dissatisfaction and stress. Over time, on a physical level, the dissatisfaction and stress anchors in our body and can lead to conditions of chronic pain or cultivate periodic experiences of tension, depression, tiredness, anxiety (insecurity, nervousness...) or disassociation or other. The approach is certain, no matter what you might experience, that you hold the power and knowledge needed to create change in your life and heal yourself on all levels, be it mentally, emotionally and physically. And so it empowers the individual to identify and connect to personal qualities, bring their personal perception and abilities to the front in order to stay well and content with their own life. Not only is it in the interest of the individual to learn that their differences are their strengths but also the collective collateral dynamic becomes greater. Thus as soon as we become content in our own lives, we start to think about how our differences can benefit others in a more collective sense, pooling together our specific skills and qualities to contribute to a greater good and positive change.