Somatic coaching is a personalized learning process in one-on-one sessions. First session is normally 60-90 minutes where we clarify the aim and agree on an estimated length of your process. The subsequent sessions are of 60 minutes and aim to uncover what is needed in the specific moment in reference to the development, change or recuperation you wish for. The length of a process depends on what you want to achieve and on the speed of your learning. Possible conditions or aims could be, but are not limited to:

  • Relieve physical condition of acute, chronic or periodic pain (headaches, migraines, menstrual pain etc.) 
  • Recover from an injury or accident 
  • Disburden conditions of anxiety, worries, self-criticism, insecurity, stress, tiredness, insomnia etc. 
  • Gain confidence, motivation, self-understanding 
  • Develop awareness, resilience, strength, authenticity, being more your self 
  • Gain more clarity of purpose, finding a better balance and wholeness

A process will always be tailored to your individual needs. Even if you do not have a concrete goal, but you feel a need to change something, a process is relevant and possible. A process of somatic coaching is suitable for all ages. Please note: A process of somatic coaching is no substitution but complementary by conditions or illness requiring constant medical or psychiatric attention. It offers no cure, but a learning process and no diagnosis or therapy is carried out in a medical sense. The work is practical and involves a pure physical approach and is not bound to a certain ideology or lifestyle.