I am Danish, living in Germany since 2003 and I am a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg Method and the Pantarei Approach. I have a background in cultural management, contemporary dance and the performing arts, with which I am still actively engaged. I turned to methods of somatic coaching through my dancing and I found the Grinberg Method to be amazingly powerful and motivated by my personal experiences of gaining and maintaining positive change, I decided to study it. I certified from the VC school of the Grinberg Method in Berlin, and I joined the continuation of their newly developed method and advanced studies of the Pantarei Approach.

“Your future is innocent and deserves you happiest picture.”

My interest in the processes of somatic coaching is to work together with clients in pursuit of their personal goals and creating a unique path for each client in the process. My approach is openness and curiosity and I am truly inspired by every individual choosing to face his or her personal challenges. I strongly believe in the to self-healing that naturally happens, when we learn to let go of whatever restriction in the way of change or recovery. It is a pleasure to work together with clients to connect them to their unique physical, mental and emotional qualities embracing the inherent differences as ones strengths. To find ways to enhance the experience of life and help people to gain a better health, more strength and clarity truly calls me.